HeartsApp is a comprehensive meditation app available in both Playstore and Appstore.

HeartsApp lets you meditate with certified Heartfulness trainers at your own convenience.

It has many tools to support your learning and facilitates you to reflect upon yourself at a pace that works for you. It enables you to go deep into yourself and connect with your inner space in a way you may never have experienced before.

It is just about connecting to your Heart and experiencing for yourself. You will be fully supported by a certified Heartfulness Trainer and this will ensure that this rather special opportunity is maximised

You can download the app now and be guided for free in your first steps…

Experience Heartfulness Mediation now!

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Guided Meditation

Guided practices for Relaxation, Meditation and Cleaning will improve your overall well being. You can connect in real time with a Heartfulness Trainer either as an individual or in a group.

You will be guided at your own pace, free of charge and at a time that works for you.

Introspective Journaling

Taking time to pause and reflect is supported by keeping a journal/diary.
Noting down your feelings/experiences enables you to observe your condition and allows you to follow the progress you will experience. 

Revisiting your notes may encourage further contemplation, it depends entirely on your preferred way of being.

Read & Reflect

  • Articles/Blogs
  • e-Magazines
  • Books & More

Simple Login

You can sign in to HeartsApp using your Google account or Facebook credentials.

If you are an existing Heartfulness member and wish to sign in with another email account. It is recommended that you use an earlier Heartfulness or SRCM account. Just sign up first and create a new account before you sign-in to HeartsApp. 

Member Identity

Your profile is mapped to your member identity issued by Heartfulness Institute/SRCM.

If your profile does not appear correctly, please try to refresh with the correct email address, the one you used for Heartfulness or SRCM previously.

The newly created HeartsApp account will automatically reset your profile. 

Role based view

HeartsApp in one stop for the growing needs of all Heartfulness practitioners. There are many features that will become relevant to a user based on his/her role or profile. The App is customized to your stage.

Newcomers, Seekers and Trainers can access relevant content and respective role-based features.

Heartfulness Practice

HeartsApp uses Heartfulness practices like relaxation, meditation and rejuvenation techniques.

There are many more offerings from Heartfulness that can help you connect with your inner self and be centered in your Heart. Heartfulness meditation is a very simple practice of feeling the presence of divine light in one's own heart and being connected by this inner light which has been always present.

Can I meditate with a trainer?

Practitioners can be guided into meditation supported by a live trainer. Just click on the “Be Guided” button on the Meditate page. Choose either “Meditate Now” or “Schedule Session”

Meditate Now: lets you connect to a trainer anytime you choose. There are trainers all over the world logged into the app who will guide you to Meditate with ease.

Schedule Session (currently on Android enables you to book an appointment ahead in time. These are based on slots when trainers have stated their availability. Please ensure you keep appointments or cancel if need be – someone is at the other end of your request.

Connecting in groups?

A group of practitioners can also be guided by a live trainer. Just click on the “Be Guided” button on the Meditation page and fill in the chat window how many are in the group.

There is no limit or restriction to the size of the group. Everyone is welcome to try group sessions with their family and friends.

In addition, - Meditation in group sessions have a multiplier effect on consciousness so it is worth trying it out for yourself.

Trainers giving session/sitting

If you are trainer or preceptor, the app automatically identifies your role as being a trainer. In case your role is not identified correctly, please contact our support team (support@heartsapp.org).

After you are logged in to your account, all you have to-do is click your picture on top to see your profile or account details and make yourself available to conduct meditation sessions by toggling on / off. If you go grey, it is off (unavailable to give sittings) and you go green it is on (available to give sittings).

After you set your availability, you can pick up the very next call that is requesting a session with you.


Meditation can help bring peace, calm and inner connectedness.


Take time to introspect & make journal entries on how you feel.

Read & Reflect

Read literature of seers & deeply reflect on these thoughts & ideas.

Explore & Engage

Explore & Engage with Heartfulness Meditation.

Meditate Now

Connect to a live trainer, anytime

If you are feeling stressed, worn out or tired and you would like to understand your situation better by connecting to your heart and seeking clarity from within. With the click of a button you can connect to a Heartfulness Trainer anywhere in the world where you will be supported to relax, meditate and experience the calm and peace that meditation brings.

This meditative journey within, which takes anything from 30 minutes to an hour, will enable you to get back on track. Daily life, with all its ups and downs often disturbs our inner balance. You don’t have to wait to recover your equilibrium just contact a trainer and meditate now.
Try scheduling a session with a trainer on a regular basis to ensure you stay “topped up” in the equilibrium stakes.

You are also welcome to try our latest feature where you can meet trainers face-to-face for a personal session and an opportunity to ask any questions that may arise as a result of your practice.

Access Premium Content 

Currently available on Android (coming soon on ios)

You can now avail 15% off on yearly subscriptions and get 2 months free access to premium content on HeartsApp. There are many topics that are covered in great depth and these insights can help you navigate through life and make things clearer for those who seek clarifications at critical junctures of their lives. There are many types of content that can help different situations, different age groups, different mind-sets and different moods of course. 

The content can be searched and made available on your fingertips as and when you need it, you can find articles and blogs to read, e-magazine to flip through or go through in greater detail and quotes, books, whispers messages to name a few. There is whole collections of audio and video that will enlighten you on your journey to self-realization. Happy browsing!

Community Participation

Come together for Global Harmony & World Peace

Anyone seeking Heartfulness, from anywhere in the world, is openly invited to come and participate in small clusters and or large gatherings. There are numerous Meditation Centres both big and small called “Heartspots” currently located in over 190 countries. You are warmly invited to check out the nearest one to you, contact them, or just pop in and join for an hour of meditation. It’s a great way to grow your practice and well-being.


Meditate with certified trainers

Meditation has never been this easy. All you need to do is to connect to a trainer and follow instructions on the chat window. If you have any queries on the practice, please type it or speak in. Please note, the answers are purely to the best of the knowledge of the trainer that is guiding you on this method and there may be his or her personal opinions. Please follow this with discretion & care.


Observe & note your condition

It is a rewarding experience to observe your own condition and make a note of how you feel before & after a session. Usually there are significant to subtle change felt inside yourself and those that you can carry outside yourself into your environment. It is a good practice to keep track of changes felt and perceive your inner and outer condition, which can help you to understand and act wisely.


Read & Reflect plus Listen & Enjoy

There is a wide range of collection of articles, blogs, books that are available to practitioners based on their stage of the practice. Relevant information can be accessed based on a role. Audio, video content is also available (currently only on Android) as free content and some of it as premium content. HeartsApp has a subscription based-service with allows users to buy premium content and view ahead in time.


Explore & Engage with Heartfulness

There are many aspects of Heartfulness worth exploring. We have programs, retreats, and centers where activities with Meditation, deepening the practice and training in various aspects of a balanced living and offered. There are multiple activities where participants can offer their helping hand and engage in community activities. We have reach out programs, help initiatives and kid’s activities to name a few. There are volunteering opportunities in various projects that are undertaken for the good of all. 


Advanced Features

There are several advanced features in HeartsApp which will for sure make you fall in love with the whole experience of Heartfulness. Come enjoy these benefits!



Simple search feature will allow you to access content and you will find many interesting topics dealt in detail.


Voice Commands

Speaking to HeartsApp, you can look up topics of interest and get answers that can address most difficult situations.



Premium content is accessible to members who are subscribed on monthly, quarterly on yearly plans.



HeartsApp accepts kind donations and contributions on behalf of Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation (SMSF)